Letter to the Editor from SGA Preisdent

To UNA Students,

On Thursday Feb. 2, the SGA Senate voted in favor of Resolution 12-02 to provide the University Program Council with the sum of $31,000 for the spring concert. The resolution was to provide additional funds for the spring concert and not for a specific artist(s). UPC has been working since the fall of 2011 to secure an artist(s) for the spring concert. The council even set up a poll on social media with suggestions to determine what kind of artist(s) students would like to see in order to have a transparent process. The students who responded to the poll voted for two artists (Wale and Sara Bareilles).

Due to price and scheduling differences, a deal could not be made. However, that has not deterred UPC from searching for other artist(s) that students can enjoy for a spring concert. This search has meant that in order to bring a diverse group of artist(s) to cater to UNA students, additional resources will be needed to do so. Thus far, the artists mentioned by the live acts chairperson of UPC are still under consideration and are not yet guaranteed. Therefore, the resolution passed by Senate was merely to provide additional resources for UPC to have a successful spring concert.

As SGA president I fully support the measure and have decided to sign the resolution into law. I will forward the resolution along with a letter to Dr. Steve Smith, vice president of financial affairs, requesting that the approved money be made available for UPC use. Once again, I would like to reiterate the artists for the 2012 spring concert have not been finalized and encourage students to engage in this process by attending UPC weekly meetings Mondays at 3:30 p.m. in GUC 200. For any further questions, please contact me at [email protected] or SGA Vice President for UPC Will Riley at [email protected]


Ralph Akalonu, SGA President