Student Profile: Vladimir Lazoroski

Vladimir Lazoroski is a foreign exchange student from Macedonia. He attends UNA through the Professional Development Year and has found a love for Florence and the South.

Vladimir Lazoroski is a 27-year-old journalist from Skopje, Macedonia studying at UNA for one year as part of the Professional Development Year sponsored by Voice of America.

Lazoroski is a pescetarian and music lover who has been involved in media for most of his life. He first appeared on television as a host of a children’s program at the age of nine. He has worked in radio, public relations, and most recently worked for, the second largest online magazine in Macedonia.

In July of 2011, Vladimir was selected to participate in the Professional Development Year program. The program is a learning experience intended for early career journalists that gives them an opportunity to study in the United States for one year.

“This has been probably one of the best things that has happened to me,” Lazoroski said.

Vladimir didn’t feel that way from the start, however. He admits to feeling disappointed when he found out he would be coming to Florence. He had hoped to be sent to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

“Now after six months, I am officially in love with Florence,” he said.

Lazoroski is a music lover, and Nov. 20, he travelled to Nashville to visit and pour moonshine on Johnny Cash’s grave as a tribute to the star. He enjoys the Civil Wars and said he was raised on rockabilly music.

“Because I am into music, I fell in love with Nashville,” Lazoroski said.

Dr. Gregory Pitts, chair of the UNA Department of Communications, hoped Lazoroski would appreciate the rich musical heritage of the South.

“We felt like it would be (a good fit),” Pitts said.

UNA is one of only three universities in the United States currently hosting a

Professional Development Year student, Pitts said.

Lazoroski has made a close-knit group of friends since arriving in Florence. Over Christmas break, he travelled to Huntsville with friends Danny Cooper and Aaron Keen. Though the Professional Development Year students usually spend the holidays with Pitts’ family, he is happy to see that Lazoroski has made good friends.

“I appreciate knowing that our folks in the community were happy to get to know him,” Pitts said.

As for Lazoroski, he said he has thoroughly enjoyed being in the South and getting to know what “Southern Hospitality” is all about.

“I don’t know how to get the South out of me,” said Lazoroski, “I already know that I will be back here.”