UNA professor collapses while teaching in Wesleyan Hall

A UNA professor collapsed while teaching at approximately 1:20 p.m. Friday on the third floor of Wesleyan Hall.

UNA student Jared McCoy was in the French language class that Associate Professor of Foreign Languages Dr. Keith Lindley was teaching at the time of the incident.

“The class started as normal and we were taking a quiz on a reading assignment,” McCoy said. “Dr. Lindley looked over at (his daughter) and got a hold of a desk until he started lowering himself while he supported himself on the desk.”

UNA student Justin Hill was in the building when the incident occurred.

“A girl who turned out to be his daughter came out screaming,” Hill said. “A couple of guys who knew first aid helped him. When we got up there, there were a few professors with him. He seemed to be responsive, but looked like he was in a lot of pain.”

Meagan Watkins, a student in Lindley’s class, said the students pushed desks aside and started making room for their professor. UNA student Spencer Murphy made a phone call to 911 when Lindley fell, according to Watkins.

UNA police Chief Bob Pastula said Lindley appeared responsive when medical personnel took him to the hospital.

“He seemed like he was alert and awake,” he said.

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Editor’s Note: Alex Lindley, the copy and opinions editor for The Flor-Ala, is the son of Dr. Keith Lindley.