Fowler reveals hopes for next year

Those who know Head Women’s Basketball Coach Terry Fowler know he is a calm person who is full of smiles when you start a conversation with him.

He answered some questions to help the UNA community get to know him off the court.

Q. How long have you been coaching?

A. “I have been coaching for 19 years.”

Q. What first instigated your desire to be a coach?

A. “A love for the game of basketball and I wanted to give back to young people like my coaches did for me. I just wanted to teach the game of life, and I happened to choose basketball as my platform.”

Q. What is your involvement with the “Talkin’ basketball” show?

A. “Good question; I’m not sure what my role is! I just enjoy talking with Coach Champagne and JD, and really enjoy showing people that we’re more than just basketball coaches, and we have fun!”

Q. Who is your role model in coaching, or maybe a coach you go to for advice or even look up to?

A. “Legendary coach Don Meyer is who a lot of my philosophy is from, and I call him from time to time. I lean on Tony Cross, former head coach at Belmont, now assistant at Murray State and Rick Pietri, who is my former boss at South Alabama.”

Q. What has been your best UNA memory as the head women’s basketball coach?

A. “Winning the GSC East and when our name was called during the NCAA Selection Show for the NCAA Tournament last year.”

Q. What are your goals for this 2011 to 2012 team as a whole, as well as individual goals for players and coaches?

A. “Win The GSC, qualify for the NCAA tournament and have a team GPA of 3.0 or better. Individual goals are to build lifetime relationships and help our young ladies succeed on and off the court.”

Q. What are your plans for the future teams in relation to recruiting? Who are we looking to add to our team, and how do you decide to recruit these players?

A. “We are going to be young next year with four freshman, six sophomores, two juniors and three seniors. We signed four guards during the early signing period. Joidon Jennings from Bob Jones High School in Madison, Dakota Doss from Briarcrest High School in Memphis, Tenn., Rabun Wright from Rabun Co. High School, Jennifer Towne from Nettleton High School in Jonesboro, Ark.”

Q. Do you have a favorite quotation you like to use or refer to?

A. “‘Great preparation prevents poor performance.’ I don’t know who said it, but it’s a great quote for life. An example would be: You are running late for something because you needed to iron your clothes. Well, if you had prepared by doing it the night before or waking up sooner, you wouldn’t be late.”

Q. Who did you look up to growing up? Also, did you have a basketball player, coach or team that you loved watching and also looked up to (if it were an individual) that sticks out in your mind?

A. “My parents and my entire family have been my role models; they have been very supportive of me my whole life and set great examples. Isaiah Thomas was my favorite basketball player, but I love the Boston Celtics.”