Sports fans participate in Tebow Mania

Everyone is talking about Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, who has led his team to several victories this season.

Some students believe Tebow is one of today’s most respected faces in the sports world and is looked up to by many, but he has also raised a significant amount of controversy in the media.

Many students think of Tebow as a novelty item due to the way he shows up in the news more than others. When the Green Bay Packers were chasing an undefeated season and the New Orleans Saints were breaking all sorts of offensive records, somehow Tebow still managed to be topic of discussion.

“I think Tebow has always been considered the golden boy even throughout his college career in Florida,” said UNA offensive guard and senior Kyle Thornton. “I believe that the media puts more focus on him instead of other teams.”

The 6’3″ 235 lb. quarterback is known for his skills on the football field, such as his passing and rushing abilities, but he is also known for his faith.

“He is a genuine guy and a good role model,” said linebacker Tyler Addison. “He practices what he preaches and stays true to himself no matter what. He doesn’t try to be a Tom Brady or Drew Brees type of quarterback, and he doesn’t try to be what people want him to be.”

Even though Tebow is considered a role model to many and has been successful throughout his entire college career all the way up to his stardom in the NFL, he has also faced major criticism.

“As a quarterback, I think he struggles a lot with his throwing technique and his reading of defenses,” Thornton said.

He is also famous for ‘Tebowing,’ in which he kneels and prays before a game.

“I believe that Tebow is an inspiration to us all,” said Richie Mata’Afa, UNA junior linebacker. “He is very admirable as a person and as a player. What makes him stand out the most is that he has such strong faith and he shows no fear when on the field.”

Tebow attended the University of Florida in 2006, where he spent his freshman year as a backup. Even though he served as a backup, he still played a major role in helping the Gators win the National Championship.

That following year, Tebow became the starting quarterback for the Gators. He was also the first sophomore to ever receive the Heisman Trophy. In 2008, the Florida Gators won the National Championship again.

In 2010, Tebow was selected by the Denver Broncos in the first round of the NFL draft. Since then he has been going in and out of the starting lineup.

He has been criticized and analyzed more this year as he continues to win games despite his poor statistics.

“Tebow makes the Broncos a better team,” said Christopher Coffey, a running back and sophomore. “He works hard and puts effort in everything that he does.”

Tebow and the rest of the Broncos were recently defeated by the New England Patriots, so for now the Tebow Mania should die until August.