The Kings of Men

A person’s thought process and motives are not as complicated as we sometimes perceive them to be. The human mind is much more simple. It can easily

be broken down into three basic drivers that ultimately motivate everything a person does: love, money and fear of death.

These three factors bear an authority over the

human mind like the monarchies of kings over their subjects. These are the kings of men.

This is not to say that everyone thinks the same. Some people spend most of their time under the king of love. Bravery, compassion, love of God or love of another person are some of the motives that drive people every day in this kingdom.

Others might find their influence in the court of the king of money. This sovereign liege preaches power, greed, wealth and many times necessity, for money is as much of a need as it is a desire.

Yet still, the all powerful king of death holds reign over the majority-self-preservation being the only card he needs to use.

These kings whisper their commands in our ears every day, but the power is still with each individual to decide which kingdom his mind will fall into.