Student media office moves to new space

Life Editor Andy Thigpen and Staff Photographer Kayla Sloan create art for the new office’s refrigerator. 

Following the 2007 relocation from Keller Hall to Irvine Avenue, the Office of Student Media (formerly known as the Student Publications Office) has again relocated. The office recently moved to the former forensic science building on Wood Avenue.

The Flor-Ala and The Diorama staffs were notified early last October that their building, in addition to two other UNA properties, would be torn down to make way for a new parking lot to ease parking issues on campus.

Upon returning to UNA for the spring semester, the staffs have since moved into their new office on Wood Avenue. Lucy Berry, executive editor of The Flor-Ala, feels the move will be beneficial.

“The new office is much more organized,” Berry said. “Also, since we’re moving at the beginning of the year, this is sort of a fresh start for us. We’re starting the new year in a new space.”

The new office also allows for easier student access and more space for the staffs to grow and thrive, according to Rebecca Walker, coordinator of student media.

“I feel like the office is more professional and official now,” said Amber Waldrep, executive editor of The Diorama. “It feels more like a publications office.”

The Office of Student Media will hold an open house some time in late January or early February. Students and faculty will be encouraged to stop by and enjoy refreshments, as well as meet the staffs and learn how to get involved with publications.

For more information, contact the Office of Student Media at (256) 765-4426.