Fraternity works toward safer campus

Members of the Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol check doors to make sure they are locked on campus at night. SNAP also transports students to locations on campus safely after dark.

Members of Kappa Sigma and UNA Police are urging students to continue to take safety precautions after an attempted robbery Oct. 29.

Kappa Sigma and other fraternities on Greek Row have stepped up security and safety measures since the incident occurred. According to Bishop Alexander, the chapter’s public relations director and chaplain, the chapter is looking into installing a security system at the house.

Alexander also has addressed the IFC presidents and Student Government Association, advising both groups to advocate for better safety precautions on campus. One of SGA’s long-term goals is campus security.

“This incident really has helped bring awareness to campus,” Alexander said. “Students sometimes get complacent, and it’s easy to forget to be careful until we’re blindsided with something like this.

“Students should also be aware of how to stay safe with the upcoming holidays. With the economy like it is and the holidays coming up, robberies are on the rise. People in desperate situations do things that they never thought they’d do.”

UNA police Chief Bob Pastula said that one of the biggest things students can do to stay safe is always be aware of the surroundings.

“Pay attention to your surroundings,” Pastula said. “Walk or stay in groups of two or more, and always have someone watching your back.”

Pastula also said for students to be aware of the Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol (SNAP) team, which can be called at night for students who need to travel across campus, and the Lion Alert system.

Alexander said that because of the occurrence, more brothers and friends of the fraternity have taken the initiative to use these two options.

The attempted robbery with a small, black, semi-automatic handgun, took place around 2:30 a.m. Oct. 29. Pastula said the city of Florence has arrested someone who is possibly connected with the crime.