Mastin looks to play big for Lions this season

Warrick Mastin, a senior guard from Muscle Shoals, graduated from Muscle Shoals High School in 2008. After playing at Northwest Shoals Community college for two years, he transferred to UNA to finish his junior and senior years wearing purple and gold and playing Lion basketball.

Q: “Who was your role model growing up?”

A: “My dad … he was always doing the right thing, telling me to stay out of trouble and do the right thing.”

Q: “How did you get started playing basketball?”

A: “I kinda started playing basketball on my own. I watched it on TV and watched my dad play when I was little. I’ve been playing since I was five, and I’m 21 now.”

Q: “You really impress crowds with the dunking! When did you start?”

A: “I started when I was in the ninth grade at Muscle Shoals. It was just one of those things with my teammates seeing who could do it. One of the guys threw the ball and I just jumped up jammed it. We were just playing around seeing who could dunk it, and I did.”

Q: “McDonald’s or Burger King?”

A: “McDonald’s … it’s the Golden Arches.”

Q: “What are your goals after UNA?”

A: “When I get done playing here, I will get my degree in sports management and try to pursue my professional career in basketball and go as far as it will take me. With my degree, I want to be involved with schools and kids and be able to coach.”

Q: “What is a team, college or professional, that you loved to watch play growing up?”

A: “The Chicago Bulls.”

Q: “Your answer led me to my next question … Kobe or Lebron … or Michael Jordan?”

A: “In the league now would be Kobe. All-time, though, would be Michael.”

Q: “If Hollywood was going to make a movie about you, who would producers cast to play you in the movie?”

A: “Mike Epps … from the Friday movies, because he is funny and is kind of the way I am.”

Q: “What’s your favorite UNA basketball memory?”

A: “This year, starting off 4-0 is my favorite basketball memory.”