Jackson key to Lions’ success this year

Dana Jackson is a guard for the UNA women’s basketball team. She graduated from Franklin County High School in Winchester, Tenn. in 2008 where she has played basketball since she was in sixth grade.

Q. What are your favorite shots/moves on the court?

A. “I like the step-back jump-shot-that’s my favorite move. When I was little, I was really bad at basketball, and I didn’t make the team in the fifth grade. Then I tried out my sixth grade year and made it. I really just wanted to play with my friends, but in middle school I wanted to continue playing, so my dad knew this previous Lady Volunteers player, Tiffany Wiggly, and she gave me individual lessons every Sunday in Luxemburg, Tenn., which was an hour away from my house, so we would drive there and stay for four hours. She taught me pretty much everything I know. I took lessons with her up until my junior year of high school. She introduced me to the basics of everything basketball.”

Q. What is your favorite pre-game food?

A. “I always find myself eating chicken for pre-game meals; it can be grilled or chicken tenders … I like chicken.”

Q. Who is a person or a player you looked up to growing up?

A. “My mom and dad motivated me when I was younger. If it wasn’t for them staying on me, I probably wouldn’t be as good.” .

Q. Dana, Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell?

A. “Adam Sandler for sure. I loved ‘Just Go with It.’ It was so funny!”

Q. What is your game-day routine?

A. “On home games, we have a pre-game meal, then I go home and take a shower. I have to take a shower before the games. I also have to put on my left sock then my right sock, then my left ankle brace, then my right one, then my left shoe, then my right shoe. It’s just a weird superstition that I have. I guess that’s all to my routine, really.”

Q. What is your favorite UNA basketball memory?

A. “Last year, we were all about making it to the NCAA Tournament, so when we would break our huddles instead of saying, ‘Lions’ we would say ‘NCAA.’ When we were in the classroom last year, waiting to see who got picked to make it to the NCAA Tournament, and when they called out our name, everyone freaked out! That was probably one of my favorite memories because we worked so hard to get there.”

Q. If they were going to make a movie about you and your life, who would play you?

A. “Either Cameron Diaz or Jennifer Anniston.”

Q. If someone turned on the radio in your car right now, what would we hear playing?

A. “Well, the radio is broken in my car right now; I haven’t listened to it since this past summer. The only stations I really pick up at home are 104.3 and 99.1-pop/rock stations.”

Q. Do you have a favorite quote, and who said it?

A. “The Beatles song, ‘Let It Be’ is my motto. I actually have it tattooed on my foot.”

Q. What is something your teammates do not know about you that your family does and vice versa?

A. “I used to cry before I went to school every day until the third grade. I didn’t want my mom and dad to leave. I honestly don’t think anyone knows that. As for my family, all my teammates understand how much hard work and time is put into the gym. I don’t think my parents or family realize how much we put into it.”


Q. If you could dunk, who would you dunk like and why?

A. “Kobe Bryant, because he’s legit and he is my favorite.”