Fraternity takes safety precautions after attempted robbery

Members of Kappa Sigma are taking extra safety precautions after an attempted robbery involving a gun took place outside the fraternity house last weekend.

UNA Police said three students were getting inside their vehicle Oct. 29 at approximately 2:30 a.m. when the suspect, who is described as a young, black male in his early 20s, approached the victims. The suspect allegedly opened the passenger door, forced himself inside and demanded all of the victims’ money, according to the police report.

Victims told UNA Police that the suspect was carrying a small, black, semi-automatic handgun during the incident and repeatedly asked if any of them were named Jessie. When the victims said no, police said the suspect shook the victims’ hands, told them they were lucky and walked away toward North Cypress Street.

Bishop Alexander, public relations representative and chaplain of Kappa Sigma, said the three victims were leaving a get-together at the fraternity house when the attempted robbery took place. Since the incident, Alexander has spoken with the Interfraternity Council and plans to speak with SGA Thursday about student safety.

“We’re encouraging the student body to learn from this,” he said. “We do not want them to be afraid, but to use this as a learning experience and to take precautions.”

Police said the suspect, who is between 5’4″ and 5’6″ tall, was last seen wearing a dark, knit cap, dark clothing, no facial hair and white knit gloves.

To report information about this incident, contact UNA Police at 256-765-4357.