Faceless working for recognition on campus

Kassie Stanford, president of the UNA chapter of Faceless International, discusses topics at the organization’s weekly meeting in the GUC.

Faceless International is an organization that seeks to raise awareness of the 27 million people enslaved throughout the world.

Its goal is to promote ways to abolish this slavery by showing how each individual person has the capacity to help those in need. The UNA group is the only college chapter of Faceless that exists.

Human trafficking is the second largest worldwide crime, following drug trafficking, according to the group’s website.

The UNA chapter meets Thursdays at 8 p.m. in GUC 207. President Kassie Stanford, a social work major, plans to use the meeting time not only to discuss business matters such as upcoming events, but to help educate people about modern day slavery.

Each week, a lesson or discussion point will be presented regarding specific aspects of slavery, such as sex trafficking.

For Stanford, Faceless has been an opportunity to grow.

“Being a part of Faceless has empowered me to realize that, even though I am a poor college student, I can use the little things I am good at to help someone else,” she said. “It has pushed me to do more and given me the opportunity to do more.”

The UNA Faceless chapter hopes to reach out to fellow students, as well as the Shoals community.

“It doesn’t take a modern day abolitionist to go after this issue; if I can, anybody can,” Stanford said. “It’s just a matter of doing it, because the opportunities to help are limitless.”

An educational fair is in the works, which would be offered free of charge to UNA students.

Faceless plans to have a guest speaker as well as group workshops to educate people on modern day slavery, as well as ways that they can help eradicate it. The event is planned to take place sometime within this semester.

“It is our job to get the word out to help the victims, and that’s what we are doing,” Stanford said.