Roles of the Student Government Association

Roles of the Student Government Association

Nine students are running for election to the University of North Alabama’s Student Government Association executive council, but what are the roles of the executive council?

SGA is organized into four branches: the Executive, Legislative, Programming and Freshman Forum. Positions up for election Feb. 18-20 include the Executive branch. This branch is made up of SGA President, Vice President of Student Senate, Vice President of University Programming Council, Secretary and Treasurer.

The purpose of SGA is for students to take a responsible part in the decision making processes of the university at large; to protect and defend the rights and responsibilities of the university to the students and of the students of the university; to provide for cultural, social, physical, and educational welfare; to foster a spirit of unity among students; to strive toward a better understanding between administration, faculty, and students; and to encourage individual responsibility, according to the SGA constitution.

For students to become candidates, a Declaration of Candidacy statement must be filed with the Office of Student Engagement no later than three weeks prior to the election.

Any student not filling out a Declaration of Candidacy Statement will be ineligible to run for the said SGA office, according to the SGA elections manual.

In order to apply for candidacy, students must have a minimum 2.25 cumulative grade point average, according to the SGA executive council application.

Candidates must be a full-time student at UNA enrolled in at least 12 hours or graduate student enrolled in at least 6 hours at UNA and collect 300 student signatures. SGA bylaws mandate candidates to obtain 300 signatures to appear on the election ballot.

A candidate running for the office of president has to have served at least two semesters in any branch of SGA and be a junior, senior or graduate student in the fall semester after the office is assumed.

According to the SGA constitution article IV section two, duties of the president shall be the following: the official spokesperson for the Student Government Association, execute all legislation passed by the student senate, approve or veto any act of the student senate within two weeks of the time legislation is received.

A presidential veto may be overruled by a two-thirds vote of the student senate present.

The duties of the Senate VP shall be the following: assuming the office of president if for any reason the office becomes vacant and or until the office if filled by special election and preside over the Student Senate meetings.

The Senate VP, UPC VP, Treasurer and Secretary must be a junior, senior or graduate student in the fall semester after the office is assumed.

The duties of the UPC Vice President will include presiding over the UPC meeting and acting as the official student contact for all contracted persons dealing with the UPC.

Treasurer candidates must have completed the first academic course accounting and either completed or be enrolled in the second academic course at the time the office is assumed, according to the SGA officer election application.

Candidates must have earned no less than a “C” in AC 291 and AC 292 as listed in the university catalog. In the case that the candidate is enrolled in AC 292 after the office is assumed, the candidate must earn a grade “C” upon the completion of the course. If not, then the candidate shall be removed from office.

The duties of the treasurer include the following: having charge of accounts for each semester, all property and funds of the Student Senate and UPC, to disburse these funds as approved by the Student Senate, account for all money for which the SGA is responsible, keep a permanent file and make monthly reports to the Student Senate on its current financial status.

The treasurer will also publish a report that will be distributed to all members of the three branches of the SGA and the faculty advisors monthly. The treasurer will make an oral report to the Student Senate at such times as requested by the Student Senate or the President.

The duties of the secretary include the following: maintenance of a permanent and complete record of all the proceedings of the Student Senate and the UPC. These records shall be open to any student.

The secretary will receive all committee reports, important correspondence, copies of all contracts and elections statistics.

A majority, or 50 percent plus one vote, of the total votes cast is necessary to win any of the elected SGA offices.

In the case no candidate receives the majority necessary to win, a run-off will be held following the election. In the case of a run-off, it will be held no less than three class days and no more than 10 class days following the election.