Housing moves to new spot on campus

Student Sierra Franklin stops by the housing department to get directions from Veronica Allen.

The Department of Housing recently relocated from the GUC to the ground floor of Rivers Hall, making the location more convenient for students, according to officials.

Audrey Mitchell, director of housing, said students go to the housing office for a variety of reasons, such as emergencies, counseling, cable, Internet or any other residence-related issue.

“We did not move because we were receiving complaints,” she said. “It was simply because we wanted to move into an area that was convenient for the students.”

After the renovation of Rivers Hall, Mitchell and her staff decided to move to Rivers with the help of Lambert Moving and Storage Company.

To inform the students prior to the move Aug. 8, the Department of Housing posted an announcement on UNAPortal and sent letters before the fall semester began. Rivers was the most recommended choice for the staff because of its proximity to other halls, such as LaGrange and Rice, officials said.

Students at Rivers Hall, which houses incoming freshmen at UNA, can now reach the Department of Housing by going to the ground floor if they need service. Their community advisers will hold meetings throughout the semester for every floor and will discuss various issues and events.

Freshman Amber Lyons is happy the Department of Housing decided to make the move to a convenient location on campus for new students.

“Rivers Hall has been a great experience so far, and getting to know the girls on my floor is really fun,” she said.

The move to Rivers Hall makes for a little more walking for Mitchell, but she said she’s willing to make the sacrifice.

Mitchell said moving to Rivers Hall from the GUC means she has to walk further to get to the new office, but she’s willing to make the sacrifice.

“Many students appreciate the move.” she said. “My only disadvantage is that I may have to walk further, but if I had to choose between a disadvantage for me and an advantage for the students, I would definitely choose the advantage for the students”.