Volunteers needed to help keep campus, Shoals beautiful

A statue of W.C. Handy stands at an entrance to Wilson Park in downtown Florence. Wilson Park is one of the areas that KTSB tries to maintain to keep it beautiful.

As October approaches, people are being asked to volunteer for the upcoming events that Keep the Shoals Beautiful (KTSB) is taking part in. According to the official Keep the Shoals Beautiful website, the nonprofit organization is committed to promoting a cleaner, healthier and safer community.

Through education, implementation and action, the organization strives to preserve natural resources. It also tries to alter bad environmental behavior, such as littering, and turn it into a behavior that will help beautify the environment.

The Shoals Chamber of Commerce established KTSB in 2007. It is the first association of its kind in Alabama to have organized efforts throughout several cities.

KTSB is driven toward making meaningful and positive changes to the community.

“Our main focus is anti-littering, beautification and basic good environmental practices,” said Judy Keenum, coordinator of KTSB. “The community always needs volunteers. Helping out with KTSB is rewarding, and it offers opportunities, such as scholarships.”

Members of the organization are often found doing cleanups, putting additional trashcans and recycling bins out for public events, and making announcements reminding the community to keep the environment a clean and healthy place for all.

Keenum said students from UNA have been very involved with the organization in the past, and she hopes the contribution from the students continues.

The organization believes that improving the environment begins with personal responsibility.

Volunteers who support the organization are much appreciated.

“I think that through volunteering, students build their character,” said Jennifer Brown, assistant director for Student Engagement for Leadership and Volunteerism. “When you have worked toward something bigger than yourself to help a community or a single person, it changes you and makes you see life differently. It gives you a greater appreciation for what you have, or for what you do not have.”

Brown, who works closely with KTSB, said that anyone is welcome to volunteer. KTSB is involved in several events in October, including Oktoberfest, PALS litter pick-up, Adopt-A-Mile, Sam Phillips Music Celebration and the Renaissance Faire.