Apathy, cynicism accomplish nothing

by Flor-Ala Editorial Board

Is it cynicism or apathy that causes such low turnouts at events like SGA’s State of the Association address and Higher Ed Day?

We’re all guilty of it. A bunch of my peers discussing the future of my university? I’d rather watch “Jersey Shore.”

But this is an important time for UNA, and we have a responsibility to be involved with the pivotal events and meetings that will potentially have a longstanding effect on our university-and our degrees.

Very few UNA students attended SGA’s State of the Association address last week. The event was designed to educate students about what’s going on within student government.

SGA has been making an effort this year to be more open with UNA students, but the student response seems somewhat minimal. The fact that so many students are so apathetic or jaded in such an important and transitional time is a little alarming.

Higher Ed Day last April had an even worse turnout than the State of the Association address. Out of an impressive 200 UNA students who signed up to attend, only 20 showed up.

Who knows how effective these events really are? It’s possible that they have hardly any effect at all, but trying would still be better than nothing.

If nothing else, attending these events holds a symbolic value. The least we can do is voice our opinions and hope they are heard.

The Flor-Ala editorial board knows how easy it can be to be cynical as a college student in these times. We’re all faced with bad job prospects, a struggling economy, student loan debt and countless other issues.

But apathy will accomplish nothing. At least trying has some potential for change.

So, is it cynicism or apathy? Do UNA students feel that they won’t be heard no matter how much they are involved on campus? Or do they just not care?

Either way, we all need to try our best in this transitional time for UNA. Big changes are happening to our university, and students need to be a part of those changes. Otherwise, the university will cease to be ours.

We all need to step up our involvement in these important times in UNA’s history. There are so many proactive, politically informed and selfless young people at UNA who are working to make our university-and its students-thrive.

Hopefully those students will continue to set a good example for the rest of us-and inspire all UNA students to get more involved.

The opinions expressed are the collective ideas of The Flor-Ala editorial board.