Westboro practices American rights

Evan King Staff Writer

You hate them. You think they are the worst people in the world. You think they are going to hell. You think they hate the world. Know who I’m talking about?

If you guessed Westboro Baptist Church, then you’re right. They have been dubbed the “worst family in America” by the media.

I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong, and why I believe they are not the worst, but why the Phelps family is the best example of America.

If you don’t know, the WBC is composed primarily of the Phelps family and extended relatives from Kansas.

The Phelps family believes that God hates homosexuals, Jews, Muslims and the list goes on and on. They protest everything from Lady GaGa concerts to the funerals of soldiers who have been killed in Iraq or Afghanistan.

However, this is America, and they have every right to protest what they think is wrong. They have the same right to protest these programs just as much as I have the right to protest a KKK rally or a Black Panthers conference.

People say WBC is wrong, that they have no right to do this-no right to protest. The First Amendment says they do, and recently the Supreme Court said they did as well.

This is why I can’t help but agree with the Phelps family. If the courts had not sided with them and killed their right to protest, it would have turned this land of freedom into a land of government-run speech and a gag order on all “non-American” protest.

Without these rights, this is not America. I couldn’t care less whether you agree with their message. I couldn’t care less if you think they are the “worst family in America” or even if you believe they are going to hell. I’m here to tell you the Phelps family makes America— America.

Without families like this, there would be no disagreement, no argument and no discussion, and without these aspects, America would never grow. It would never become better. So are they right? I don’t know, but I’m glad they are here.