Taking break on Spring Break important to health

Spring break is coming up, and it’s important for students to actually take the time to relax and unwind from school. According to Tara Queen’s article on apa.org, “Everyone needs a break, even if it is just a short period of time.”

With the days getting longer and warmer, the beaches are looking more and more appealing. Students are breaking out their swimsuits for the first time in months, and the last thing on their minds is homework. When you’re out with your friends or enjoying the spring air, homework has a tendency to slip the mind.

“I would never specifically assign homework for spring break, but I would encourage students to use spring break to get a jump on the work after spring break,” said UNA English professor Dr. Nicholas Mauriello.

Queen’s article pointed out that students should also try to get their work done before their breaks. Work should be done when it is fresh on a student’s mind, rather than implementing overambitious full-speed ahead strategies to do catch-up work over spring break. Usually it only compounds stress, she wrote.

Dr. K.L. Latchaw said, “I’m pretty much the same. I encourage students to catch up on reading and work. Pay attention to how language is used.”

Already the issue of last minute surprise homework over spring break has come up at Cornell University. Huffington Post reported that the Ivy League University has implemented a policy to ban such assignments so that students can relax and actually have a break. The faculty at UNA seem to have positive notions about the idea of students not having to worry about spring break assignments.

Dr. Koch, Director of the Center for Writing Excellence said, “Although I personally believe that you can rest when you’re dead and that homework never ends, I realize this is an unpopular position. As a rule I try not to assign major projects over break.”