Cameron’s ‘sanctum’ deemed worth seeing in 3D

I have seen a few worthless 3D movies in my life (insert “My Bloody Valentine 3D” joke here); however, “Sanctum” is not one of them.

“Sanctum” is an intense thriller involving a team of experienced spelunkers, a massive cave system and all Hell breaking loose. The plot revolves around a master cave diver (Richard Roxburgh) and his son (Rhys Wakefield ) exploring a relatively unknown cave system in Papua New Guinea. Their goal: finding the underground river that leads to the ocean. Of course, they couldn’t tackle this task alone. They are accompanied by a team of experienced cave divers led by Carl, aka Mr. Fantastic.

Naturally, disaster strikes. A tropical storm blows in and floods the cave; trapping the cavers inside to drown. Their only chance of survival is to find the underground river and swim to the ocean. What the viewer comes away with is an intense struggle for life and a tender reconnection between father and son. It’s practically a reimagining of “Poseidon,” without a ship and Kurt Russell.

Before I share my thoughts on the movie, I’ll inform you that this movie has a 30 percent fresh rating on

Ok, my views on the movie; the cons first. I’m not going to lie; when I first saw the trailer, I was definitely sure there was going to be monsters in the cave-at the very least a demon or two. I was praying for a good horror cave movie that wouldn’t suck as badly as “The Descent.” Needless to say, I was disappointed on that aspect.

Another fallback to the movie was the character of the son, Josh (Rhys Wakefield). His character can only be described in two words: butt hole. He whines practically the entire movie. Besides pansy Josh, a major flaw would be that some viewers will probably find this movie boring. I can see where they’re coming from. At times it can feel like you’re watching the same scene over and over again.

Now we move to the pros. Personally, I enjoyed this movie. The plot, even though it’s been done before, was actually decent. I liked the whole cave aspect of it; it seemed to double the intensity of the film. The 3D wasn’t bad either. It gave a sense of realness to the disaster that was taking place. The ending was pretty satisfying, in my opinion, which usually seals the deal on my impression of a film.

If you’re comfortable on the edge of your seat and feel like shelling out the bills for a 3D movie, “Sanctum” is worth a watch.