SRC to add new volleyball club for students

UNA student Kelli Coffman talks to the crowd gathered for the women’s volleyball interest meeting. Dexter Shorter, coordinator of UNA intramural sports, helped come up with the idea to start the club.

Lauren Estes Staff Writer

The Student Recreation Center has provided UNA students with many ways to get involved and become active-and now, club volleyball is being added to the list.

Dexter Shorter, coordinator of intramural sports, is one of the brains behind the idea of adding club volleyball and requested several female students to head up the interest meetings that took place on Wednesday and Thursday.

“I wanted the club sports program to grow here at UNA,” said Dexter Shorter. “I have heard people discussing our Rugby, paintball and bass fishing teams, so I thought it would be a great idea to have a sport that other schools would have as well.”

Kelli Coffman, a UNA senior, is one of the students who were requested to head up the interest meetings and will be working diligently with the sport-and playing, too.

“After intramural volleyball, Dexter approached me and asked if I would help start a club team,” said Coffman. “We’re trying to become a registered organization through the school so we will have the proper criteria to follow and hopefully get student allocation money for the tournaments that we will participate in.”

Coffman said they are looking for at least 12 girls to sign up. That way they will have enough to practice before the tournaments, giving all the girls time to prepare and get better.

“We haven’t set a deadline for signups, we are just trying to make people aware of club volleyball starting and get students involved through these interest meetings and open gym nights,” said Coffman.

Their goal is to get a group together, start practicing and eventually enter into tournaments where they can compete against other institutions across the nation. The first open gym night practice was Tuesday, Feb. 1.

“We want to expand ourselves through these club sports and be able to network with other people,” Shorter said. “We want these students to be a part of a Student Registered Organization that they love, playing a sport that they love as well.”