Roethlisberger, Rodgers face different problems

Arizona Cardinals’ Michael Adams (27) hits Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers and causes a fumble during the overtime of an NFL wild-card playoff football game Sunday, Jan. 10, 2010, in Glendale, Ariz. Arizona’s Karlos Dansby recovered the fumble and ran it in for a touchdown. Arizona won 51-45. (AP Photo/Matt York)

Ben Roethlisberger has had his fair share of controversy throughout his career. Big Ben had all charges dropped against him in what is his third rape accusation. Despite there being sexual trauma to the woman who is the alleged victim, the district attorney dropped all charges due to lack of evidence. The NFL still suspended Big Ben for four games, and there were trade rumors in the midst. Now Pittsburgh is going to the Super Bowl again and Big Ben looks like a Hall of Famer.

When allegations start to fly around about celebrities, I tend to ignore them until the evidence comes out. The problem with the Roethlisberger case is the fact that enough evidence was there to send just about anyone I know to prison. The difference being, nobody I know makes millions of dollars to throw a ball. When looking at this situation, I see two Bens. One who drinks too much and then gets rough with females while his buddies watch the door. The second one is a great football player-a guy who is tough as nails, a guy that I would take in my huddle if I were a head coach. The problem is we have seen the first guy too much.

This incident will go away and never be heard from again if Pitt wins it all and Big Ben will once again be the hero of Pittsburgh.

Aaron Rodgers has had one of the best young careers any QB could ask for. He got to witness a legend in the locker room and on the field. Rodgers has been talked about like he wasn’t good enough to follow up Favre-like he wasn’t good enough to do what he did as a player. There will never be another Brett Favre. Favre is an icon. Favre is not just another football player. There are better players than Favre. There will be a ton of better players to come. There are only a few legends. Brett Favre is one of those legends. Favre is like the Paul Bunyan of football. Will Aaron Rodgers be able to step out of Favre’s shadow that lingers over all of Green Bay? He most definitely will. Do the Packers have to win the Super Bowl for that to happen? It wouldn’t hurt.

Pittsburgh is going to take another title home and the Packers will have to wait another year to see if Rodgers will get a ring early in his career. Big Ben will be a hero despite the rocky start to the season, and Pittsburgh will show why they are the best franchise in the NFL. Steelers win 24-10. Defense will be too much for the Packers, who will get out rushed by Pitt; and Aaron Rodgers will see the ground more than cheese heads thrown angrily after the loss.