What was your New Year’s Resolution?

 “To put God’s will before my own.” Roxanne Bowles, junior, Secondary Education English major


“Have better time management, focus more on my friends and family, and stay positive and proactive in everything I do.” Allison Ray, junior, Sociology and International Studies major


 “To get at least seven hours of sleep every night.” Aaron Stapler sophomore, Marketing Management major


 “My resolution is to drink more water and have more quiet time with God so I can have a deeper relationship with Him.” Zack McMullan, junior, Biology major.


 “To run 3 times a week.” Stephanie Fitzgerald, freshman. Spanish major


“I’ve never had hair longer than an inch or two, so my New Year’s resolution is to grow my hair out into that knarly, long, Euro soccer player hairstyle.” Chance McCullough, junior, Professional Writing major


“I want to eat healthier and exercise more.” Robby Childers, sophomore, Music major


 “To intentionally do something nice for somebody every day.” Samantha Bowles, Sophomore, Nursing major.


“2011 proves to be the year of change for me. I hate change. Graduating, getting married, starting a new job and moving are all exciting, but also life changing events. My goal for 2011 is to embrace change and welcome it as a positive thing in my life.” Lindsey Little, senior, Elementary Education major