Flor-Ala sports writers predict BCS champion

W.J. McCormack


W.J. McCormack


The discussion of who the champ will be has been mucked up by discussions of Boise State or TCU crashing the party. If they do happen to go undefeated, they deserve congratulations, but that is all. 

If you factor in wins and losses, Auburn has the 2nd hardest schedule and they remain undefeated. I think Auburn has the pieces to make it. They have a star in Newton, who is a great leader, and a cast around him that is full of playmakers, especially a true freshman in Dyer who is rushing better than most two-year starters. 

I think Oregon goes down to Arizona and Boise loses to a sneaky Nevada team later this season. This leaves room for Nebraska to sneak in if they run the table.  An Auburn vs. Nebraska BCS title game would be very interesting. 

Regardless of who Auburn plays, if they make it, they will win. It will be strange seeing a different team on top in Alabama.


Ben Ray


I hate the BCS.  I could go on for hours about how there should be a playoff, but I don’t see it ever happening, so I’m going to stop there.  

All this being said, my pick for the “national championship game” is Boise State over TCU.  Now you say how will Oregon and Auburn lose?  Well let me tell you.  

I think that Oregon will choke and lose to both Arizona and Oregon State and that Auburn will roll over the Crimson Tide and then fall short to the Ole Ball coach from Gainesville—I mean Colombia in the SEC championship game.   

That opens the door for the two teams that have zero respect amongst the powerhouse conferences to slug it out in a game that will be watched by no one but myself and the entire state of Boise and a small group of people in the Dallas-Forth Worth area.  

I know I just pissed a lot of people off, but I’m just having fun, folks.


 JR Tidwell

I believe that the possibility exists that either Oregon or Auburn may not make the NCAA National Championship game this year. If this becomes the case, I believe that LSU should make the championship game. 

They are a one-loss SEC team that beat Alabama and their only loss was to No. 2 Auburn.  A one-loss SEC team, especially a one-loss SEC West team, should jump an undefeated non-BCS team, no question. 

Boise State and TCU may be good teams, but the SEC has been the dominant conference in college football for years and the strength of LSU’s schedule puts Boise State’s and TCU’s to shame.  

I find the notion of TCU or Boise State playing in the championship over a one-loss team from a BCS conference absurd, really. 



Evan Underwood


I am picking TCU to win the National Championship not because I think they are the best team, but I think they have the highest percentage of the remaining four unbeaten teams to win the championship.

 I see Auburn losing to Alabama, and I think it is plausible that Oregon falls to Arizona or Oregon State. With TCU all but assured to annihilate hapless New Mexico, the Frogs are in prime position to take the place vacated by either Auburn or Oregon. 

Also, I think TCU are balanced enough to beat either Oregon or Boise, but if the Frogs meet Auburn in the title game, I reserve the right to, in Lee Corso’s words, pull a “not so fast, my friends.”


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