SGA survey results in, GPA scale remains the same

SGA survey results in, GPA scale remains the same

The Student Government Association met Nov. 29 to discuss the results of a campus-wide survey sent Nov. 12 about topics such as switching over to a new GPA scale, allocation of student fees and an on-campus football and soccer stadium.

Due to the amount of negative responses on the survey, the grading scale proposal has been pulled and the scale will remain the same.

SGA President Chase Holcomb said over 85 percent of students voted no on the grading proposal.

“Dr. Alexander had promised to pull the proposal if the students did not approve of it, and he followed through on his word,” Holcomb said. “Upon hearing the results, he pulled it. I would like to commend him for listening to the students. This means that the grading scale will stay as is for the foreseeable future.”

Freshman Janese Green said she voted against the GPA scale changing. She said keeping the scale the same is a good thing for her.

“It’s good for me because this is basically the grading scale I’m used to,” Green said. “If I’m expecting an A, I don’t want to be a few points below because the grading scale changed.”

The survey asked students questions about the allocations of the student activity fee. Both the School of Arts and the Guillot University Center have requested to have money allotted for their events.

“They are still meeting and working with the numbers on the activities fee, so we’re not sure what will happen as of now,” Holcomb said. “The vote on the SOTA proposal was very, very close. The students voted no on the GUC proposal.”

Students also had the opportunity to vote on the university possibly exploring an on-campus football and soccer stadium.

Holcomb said 71 percent of students voted in favor of it, whereas less than 15 percent opposed it.

“I would like to see one,” Holcomb said. “SGA passed a resolution today requesting the university create a work group to assess feasibility. We hope this work group will be able to engage students, alumni and other UNA stakeholders and then report back to us.”

Junior Cara Humphries said the perks of having an on-campus football stadium would be people would not have to walk as far. She said it could make parking spots easier to find since the university would not have to share the stadium with Florence High School.