Parking regulations on campus

Parking regulations on campus

A new parking lot on Stewart Street may be helping upperclassmen, but it does nothing for freshmen who are not allowed to park on campus.

Students who commute to campus are required to park in white painted spaces only. However, this does not apply to freshman commuters.

The university requires all freshman commuters to park off campus and utilize the university bus system, according to transportation services.

“I park in different places every day because there are so many other students,” said freshman Leslie Turner. “I mostly try to park in the parking spots alongside the road.”

Turner said she has not received any tickets, but said she would love to have more parking because it is hard to find parking if she does not get to campus early.

Hollon McCullar, the coordinator of transportation services and university police department, said the parking deck is open to commuters, residents and faculty and staff.

“I believe it stays full of residential north students,” McCullar said. “We monitor it daily. I believe there are 600 to 700 spots in the parking deck. The freshman commuters are supposed to park off campus where the bus picks them up and city streets are public parking. (The city) asks us to monitor those spots, too.”

Freshman Katelyn Olive said she parks on Court Street or Pine Street and has received tickets.

“I have gotten a lot of tickets,” Olive said. “I have for my trunk being on the yellow paint or just for running in and giving my teachers something because I can’t park on campus. It’s hard to find parking around campus.”