SGA President: our goals for the year


Tate Gooch is UNA’s Student Government (SGA) President for 2020-2021. Before taking on this position, Gooch has held multiple positions around campus from Social Committee Chair of the Freshman Forum, SGA Chief-of-Staff, and a member of the Student Welfare Committee. Gooch is also pursuing a business and finance double major.

Tate Gooch, SGA President

anging landscape for our social interactions, the goals for the Student Government Association at UNA are continuously adjusting with it. We want to ensure that students are able to invest themselves academically and socially during their time at UNA, but we also want to guarantee the safety of the student during these times.

We are always looking to find problems affecting students on campus and making those our priorities. I want to encourage all students to voice their concerns to the Student Government Association by email, contacting a Student Senator, or stopping by the SGA Chambers in the GUC. 

Some of our goals for this semester include forming a network between the Student Government and different university departments. This will allow for Faculty and Staff members to directly hear student concerns and vice versa. 

We also want to continue to promote University Athletics to the student body while maintaining all proper health guidelines. SGA wants to assist with the University’s COVID Recovery Guidance Plan by leading by example and reminding students to follow these set standards. 

Please make sure to email me at “[email protected]” if you have any questions or are interested in joining the Student Government Association. 

I want to personally help any student at UNA, and I am unable to do this if the student does not alert SGA of their concerns. I’m very excited to begin this new academic year. 

Roar Lions!