Students speak about voting rights, midterms

Students speak about voting rights, midterms

Millions of Americans will head to the polls Nov. 6 to vote in this year’s midterms elections. Alabamians will be voting for candidates to fill high profile seats for the state Supreme Court, school boards and the governor.

In comparison to the 2014 midterm elections, voter turnout is expected to be higher than before. College-age voters could play a deciding role for Republican and Democratic parties, across 31 states, according to the Pew Research Center.

Half of the registered voters have reported to be more enthusiastic about voting in 2018 than in previous years, and turnout at the polls had surged in primary elections held across 31 states.

The Flor-Ala caught up with students on campus to ask them about their opinion on voting.

“It is important to vote because in order to affect positive change in our country we must have a say in who we put in a place of power so they can equitably represent us and our needs.” – Junior Mark Perkins

“It’s important to vote because it’s part of our civilian duty. It’s one of the few times that our voice is heard. Even if the people we vote for lose the election because at least politicians see what we want.” – Senior Anna Grace Kiddy

“It’s important to at least try to make a positive impact, and voting is one way to do that. Even if the majority doesn’t go in your favor, at least you tried when given the chance.” – Junior Keela Davis

“It is important to vote because it stresses your voice. Even if your voice is incredibly outweighed by the majority, it still means something.” – Freshman Quin Norris

“For the younger generation, our voices are usually not taken seriously. Only when we elect people who are sensible enough to listen to us, then we can achieve our goals intended for the government of our future.” – Sophomore Sara Haley

“A democracy protects civil rights and ensures that a government can be overthrown. A lot of women fought hard for me to be able to vote and I am trying to get more Democrats in office.” – Junior Shelbey Hughes

“We are the next generation, and we have to vote for what we want. I know a lot of people my age who think their vote is a shot in the dark, but that’s not true. We are part of the ones making decisions now.” – Senior Kasey Thornton