Streaming the Night Away

David J. San Miguel, Graphic Designer

When every music festival has been canceled or postponed it feels like we’ve missed out on everything. But having said that, there have been some artists that have taken different methods of bringing live music and performances to the comfort of your home.

Fortnite has special concerts in-game that are wild, whether you’ve played the game or not, you can’t help but recognize the epic in-game performance of Travis Scott back on April 23, 2020. Travis Scott also unveiled a new track with Kid Cudi during the event called “THE SCOTTS”. Travis Scott released merchandise from his Cactus Jack label for the in-game performance. In the game there were also special items available such as skins and emotes. Major Lazer had an event in June, and Diplo of Major Lazer even had a residency in Party Royale mode. This all very exciting news since everyone has been stuck in their homes for awhile due to the current conditions of limited social interaction. There has even been speculation and rumors of the artist DRAKE having a concert/event soon on the Fortnite platform. If the rumors are true it will be very exciting to see this new way of gaming and attending concerts. Until then, Fortnite has launched another event merging the Marvel Universe onto the gaming platform, Fortnite.

Chapter 2 Season 4 NEXUS WAR available now until Nov. 30. Twitch is a popular live streaming platform for gaming, art and music. Twitch has been a go to every night with DJs holding festival settings on their channels.

InsomniacTV has been a go to on the weekends they’ve had EDC, Middlelands, Nocturnal Wonderland, HARD Summer Staycation Virtual Rave-A-Thon festival lineups in their studio and on special locations with elaborate stage design and visuals. Insomniac also has merchandise available for the live stream festival events available on their Twitch page.

There’s a team in Los Angeles with a channel on Twitch called KANVASLIVE where DJs and animators work together on a livestream. The show is described as an “electronic music and live animation show.” The lighting, stage design and animations are wild and hypnotic, and with each performance there different themes for each musician. The animators also take requests while on the livestream. Not to mention the performances have varied in styles from House, Techno, Dubstep and even Medieval House. The artists featured have been Wenzday, Morelia, VonGloe, Kynda Black, Crystal Sparks, Burko, Ocean Roulette and SpaceRace.

Needless to say these online communities have grown and flourished.

It can only get better and more interactive with musicians and artists reaching out to fans to at the comfort of their home. Everyone misses the social interactions of music and arts festivals, but until then, check out the fun environments of gaming, music and art communities online. It’s a safe and welcoming community that loves what they do, and it shows.