Administration confirms reasoning for Gaston’s trespass notice

Administration confirms reasoning for Gaston’s trespass notice

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Ross Alexander confirmed Oct. 9 that the UNA Police Department placed Gregory Gaston on trespass notice June 22 because of a pending Title IX investigation.

Gaston is not allowed to be on the university’s campus or participate in any university sponsored events, according to the trespass notice.

“The university takes nothing more seriously than the health and safety and well-being of its students, faculty and staff,” Alexander said. “That being said, professor Gaston is on the trespass notice and barred from campus pending the outcome of a Title IX investigation.”

Director of Brechner Center for Freedom of Information Frank LoMonte said in a case where a public employee is suddenly not allowed to be on campus, the university has an obligation to give the public a reasoning for their actions.

“From my understanding of the federal law, the university can’t give details of the claims made in a pending Title IX investigation, but they can at least address the reason why one of their employees is on a trespass notice,” LoMonte said.

Interim Vice President of Student Affairs Kimberly Greenway said the nature of a Title IX claim determines whether or not someone is placed on a trespass notice.

“If you would have come to me and asked the same question, I would have said that I cannot give you the reason he was placed on trespass notice,” Greenway said. “The only way I would have been able to release that information is if the investigation was concluded.”

Greenway said she is fully confident that Title IX will thoroughly and properly investigate the claim against Gaston.

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