Turning Point USA at University of North Alabama

Andrea Arroyo, Lead Graphic Designer

Andrea Arroyo interviewed Morgan Bryson, student president of Turning Point on campus.

Arroyo: What is your major?

Bryson: Secondary Education with a concentration in Social Science.

Arroyo: What year are you?

Bryson: I will be a senior this year.

Arroyo: You are really excited, so what is it


Bryson: Turning Point is a National non-profit that stands for capitalism, individual rights, small businesses, free markets and limited government. We really want to focus on the new generation that’s coming up, so we can really spread that conservative message that capitalism works and benefits the people.

Arroyo: How did you get involved in Turning Point?

Bryson: I have followed Turning Point for awhile on Instagram, and just love their viewpoints, their stances, and their content. When I got to UNA I noticed that we didn’t have a Turning Point on campus…so last October there was a girl on campus holding up signs, and I realized they were Turning Point signs! I was so excited and introduced myself and it snowballed from there. I talked to Turning Point and Student Engagement about starting one on campus, and, after almost a year, we are finally up and running. Now, I am the President of TPUSA on UNA’s campus.

Arroyo: In your opinion, how does this program benefit campus?

Bryson: It gets students involved in the community in a different way and also gives conservative students who are scared to express their political thoughts and opinions an outlet and support to express themselves. Not only that though, we help students register to vote. Yes, we are conservative leaning, but we want people to have freedom of choice and will welcome students into our program regardless if they are conservative or not. Turning Point gives students that choice.

Arroyo: In regards to the impeachment of SGA president Jake Statom, what is the Turning Point view on that?

Bryson: We don’t take a stance on social issues, but I believe that the minute you try to censor someone on what they say due to offense, you create an environment where both parties cannot move forward and understand both sides without conflict. There needs to be a point where the two sides agree to disagree and move on. We are here to stand up for his right to express his beliefs. Freedom of speech is one of the most valuable rights we have in this country.

Arroyo: UNA claims to be a school of acceptance for everyone but, it seems to me that may not be the case. How do you think Jake’s impeachment is affecting the student body that is conservative?

Bryson: That is an excellent question, and while I cannot speak for other conservatives, it makes me feel like I cannot have an opinion on campus. If this impeachment goes through, it tells me that if I have an opinion that is offensive to someone else, I will be automatically silenced and disregarded. It makes me feel like I don’t matter to the student body because I think the way I do.

Arroyo: How can people get more information if they would like to join?

Bryson: You can email me at [email protected] We also have our Patriot Games event Sept.4 from 2-5 p.m. at the Intramural Fields. It is like an adult field day. Bring a friend for some snacks, prizes and fun games.