A Statement From The Department of Communication


An empty FlorAla news stand after 1,000 issues were stolen last night.

From Dr. Justin Bergh, Student Media Advisor:

As the UNA Student Media adviser, I wholeheartedly believe in – and support the right of – student media to address important issues on this campus. The exceptional work of one of our student journalists in the current issue of The Flor-Ala has sparked necessary discussion about sexual assault on our campus. Last night, approximately 1,000 issues of the paper were stolen from 40 UNA distribution locations. I condemn this illegal attempt to silence the important work of our student journalists. A free and responsible press is not only vital to democracy nationwide but is also essential to the daily function of our university community. I support the UNA police in its investigation into the stolen newspapers and hope those responsible are held accountable for their actions.

From Dr. Patricia Sanders, Department Chair of Communication:

Following the events of last night, when approximately one-thousand newspapers were stolen from forty locations across campus, the Department of Communication wants to condemn it as an egregious act. It is our belief that a free press and its ability to report stories is essential to our democracy. As a show of support for Student Media, the issue was turned over to campus police who are conducting a full investigation.