Off-campus production stars student director

While UNA’s Theatre Program hosts multiple productions every year, some students and faculty get involved in shows off campus.

For junior Stephanie Holman, this took the form of directing and starring in a one-act play at The Family Theatre in Lexington.

“Three Margarets and a Grace” follows Grace (whom Holman portrays), an elder woman who dies and arrives in Heaven. However, before she can enter, she must return to Earth to complete a task at the Happydale Nursing Home, where she befriends three residents, each named “Margaret.”

While an angel offers Grace support, she cannot tell her what the task is. So, Grace must make the best of her time at the facility, while working with the ladies to make the home a happier place.

Kim Glover, Family Theatre owner and co-founder, said the small theater proved effective in making the play intimate.

“I didn’t know how it would go over since this was our first (play), but I loved it,” she said. “It was fun.”

Holman said the story is based on her visits to her mother, Grace, in a nursing home, where she would eat meals with three women, all named “Margaret.”

The play marks Holman’s third directorial production but the first time she has acted in one of her own shows.

Holman said despite the extra workload from directing, starring in the play was a fun experience.

“When the audience is there, for me and I think the others, too, it breathes life into you (and) you just kind of come alive,” Holman said.

She said after this, she is continuing her writing career. She said she is also considering a film adaptation of the play.

“The only place I know where to go is forward,” she said.