SGA president elect tells his story

Sophomore Chase Holcombe campaigns to a group of students. Holcombe won the election for Student Government Association president. 

Junior Chase Holcombe was sitting in church when he received the news he would be the 2018-19 Student Government Association president.

Holcombe said he could not wait to know if he had won or not.

“I was very excited to receive the news,” he said. “I usually don’t look at my phone during the service, but I had to take a peek to see the heavily anticipated results.”

Holcombe said being SGA president means he has an opportunity to help students succeed.

“To me, this position is all about service,” he said. “At the end of the day, it’s all about the students. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve and would like to do whatever I can to continue making UNA more and more excellent.”

Current SGA president Hugo Dante said Holcombe has been an exceptional leader from the moment he stepped on campus.

“Chase is one of the most honest and intelligent people I have ever met,” Dante said. “He thinks clearly, humbly and passionately about SGA and the community. He is an excellent friend and will be an ever better SGA president.”

Holcombe said he plans to build off of the success SGA has had in recent years and make change where it is needed.

“I’ve served in SGA under President (Sarah) Green and President (Hugo) Dante,” he said. “I’ve seen things in both administrations that have worked exceptionally well and should be

continued such as the RSO Presidents Cabinet and the live streaming of the meetings. I do not think we need to reinvent the wheel.”

He said he has experience both inside and outside of SGA. Holcombe serves as the current SGA Chief of Staff and served as the Vice President of the Freshman Forum Branch last year. He was also the president of the Alabama Student Council Association his senior year of high school.

“I certainly think that my experience in student government both

at and apart from UNA provides great experience as a leader,” he said. “In addition to this, my time in LaGrange Society, my experience in working on various political campaigns, my work as a counselor at Alabama Boys State and my time working for Jake’s Fireworks have given me quality leadership experience.”

Holcombe’s girlfriend, senior Brooke Maupin, said Holcombe is one of the most genuine people she knows.

“He has such a motivation for productive change and student

involvement both on campus and in the Shoals area,” she said. “I feel like as a leader, Chase strives to make sure all students know that their input is valued and welcomed in SGA.”

Holcombe’s best friend, sophomore Sam Mashburn, said they have been best friends since the fourth grade.

“He’s an incredibly smart guy whose brain is only match by his work ethic,” Mashburn said. “He’s always sought out ways to serve his fellow students, and I’m really excited to see how well he does in this new opportunity.”