Student senate discusses safety on campus

The Student Government Association considered many options for increasing security on campus in their weekly meeting March 1.

The Student Senate explored several options, such as hiring new staff members to operate as security personnel, offering firearm training to current faculty and staff and requiring mandatory educational literature on campus safety on all syllabi.

Graduate student and senator Madeleine Frankfort suggested a survey would be a good way to hear what students have to say about campus safety.

“While we are representing the student body with our voices in senate, I think it’s important to give (the students) time to give us specific

feedback,” she said. “(Campus safety) needs to be addressed, but providing that outlet for all students to participate in a survey and give us insight into their experiences would be beneficial.”

After much debate, the senate created a specialized committee for campus safety with junior Cody Titus leading the group.

Titus said senate is interested in protecting the students in any way it can.

“In light of recent events, I think it is a really good idea for the senate to get some headway on how we could better the safety of every student, faculty and staff member, and the campus as a whole,” he said.

Titus said the first step of the committee will be to gather the appropriate data to present to senate so it can make informed decisions on how to better ensure the safety of the campus.