Women’s Center informs campus about dating violence

The Women’s Center at UNA brings dating violence awareness to campus through sponsored events and informational pamphlets.

February is Dating Violence Awareness Month, and the Women’s Center offers many resources for students and faculty to ensure their safety and success.

“Dating violence awareness is as important on college campuses as it is anywhere,” said Women’s Center Coordinator Emily Kelley. “In this particular day and age, students need to be aware of their surroundings (and) who they are associating with, as well as where they are going, especially on dates.”

Nearly one in three college women report experiencing violent and abusive dating behaviors, and 58 percent of students do not know how to help someone in an abusive relationship, according to the organization Love is Respect’s national survey.

“I think both physical and emotional violence are present on campus whether it’s abusing your partner physically or mentally,” said freshman Maggie Stewart. “It can absolutely affect students’ grades, social lives, self-image and even result in suicide.”

Informational pamphlets detailing signs of abuse and resources for relationship help are available daily in the Women’s Center.

“Title IX, The Women’s Center and the counseling services at UNA make themselves prominent through presentations at Student Orientation, Advising and Registration, within FYE classes and on class syllabi,” Stewart said.

Additionally, the Women’s Center will offer a free workshop for women Feb. 23 in the Guillott University Center from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Power of Women: Rise and Roar! will focus on empowering women to gain their own strength, learn their personality types and assert themselves without using aggression.

“The Women’s Center has many roles,” Kelley said. “One is to educate students, faculty and staff and empower and advocate for women and for men, but particularly women. I hope that women and men will come and avail themselves to our services.”