Students, alumni should wear school colors

Photo courtesy of Hugo Dante.

For most of us, college is one of the most costly investments we will ever make, both financially and in the countless hours spent in class and studying.

Our end goal is to receive a degree from our institution that signifies that we have completed our education and are prepared to enter employment or a graduate program. Hopefully, the degree we acquire is worth all of the effort.

In my case, I can definitely say my soon-to-be acquired degree from UNA is worth it.

What makes a college degree valuable? While I, along with any other alumni or students at UNA, can attest that our education is first class and rigorous.

Its primary value comes from the fact that employers and other universities recognize the UNA brand and the value of the work needed to obtain a degree. It is all about brand recognition.

This is where students come in. While it may seem small, wearing school colors and being visibly proud of the university helps make a degree more valuable. It is our responsibility as students and alumni to make sure the so-called “Best Kept Secret in the South” does not stay that way.

The reverse, however, is also true when students wear the colors of other universities. When they wear another university’s colors and logo, students boost the brand of that university and make the degree of the students at that university more valuable. Jobs, like everything else, are governed by scarcity.

This means  students are always competing with peers for employment. By wearing another university’s logo, they are potentially giving competitors, in job or grad school applications, a leg up.

If someone owned a business, would they advertise for competitors? College is an investment, too. The goal should be to make the investment worth it.

UNA is great for many reasons and students should be proud of their school.

However, with all the awesome experiences and opportunities that come with being a UNA Lion aside, students can still think selfishly about the reason they are here. The next time someone thinks about throwing on crimson or navy, think about UNA. Put on some purple and gold, and represent the UNA Lions. Play a part in getting the word out about the best school in the south.