Tips on making the residence hall more comfortable

It can be difficult for students to find a way to turn their residence hall into a home away from home. Decorating the room can help.

By Editor-in-Chief

For many first-year students, and even third or fourth year students, staying in the residence halls can cause them to feel homesick.

While some students are able to drive home on the weekends, there are those unable to visit their home until lengthy breaks. I have lived on campus for four years, and over the years, I have learned of ways to make the residence hall feel more like a second home.

For those who want to know how to make their residence hall feel more like home, here are some tips.


When students first move into the residence halls, the walls of their rooms are bare and may seem intimidating.

One of the easiest ways to make the room feel like home is by adding decorations. Whether these are for the wall, bed or floor, adding some personal touches may make students feel more comfortable.

Posters are a personal favorite. With these, not only can students bring in a splash of color, but they can also show off some of their interests, such as favorite TV shows or movies.

During the holiday season, students can add decorations to create a Halloween or Christmas atmosphere.

These decorations do not have to be expensive. Students can find most of what they need at Walmart, the Dollar Tree or Five and Below.


For students who are unable to visit their family and friends for a while, photos can help them feel connected to them.

Students can include photos as part of their decorations. Whether these photos are on the desk or on the walls, it helps to see this reminder of home.

If students do not want just the plain photos, they can create photo frames or hang them on the wall with lights.


Missing homes deals with more than specific items. It can also involve missing certain scents.

Whether it is the smell of fresh clothes, desserts or plants, students can try to recreate these smells in the dorm.

Even though the residence halls do not allow students to use candles, due to them being a fire hazard, students can still have them as decorations. If students place these candles in front of their fans, then the scent can spread across the room.

Renzuit air fresheners are a personal favorite. They are only 98 cents at Walmart, and they have a variety of scents.


Most residence halls have a kitchen students can use.

While there are some students who may not be the best cooks, they can use these kitchens to create home-cooked meals.

Even if it is only once a week, students can take the time to create a simple home-cooked meal.


If students want to liven up their room, they can add plants.

The easiest plants to take care of on a busy college schedule are succulents.

For students who want the illusion of real plants without the responsibility of taking care of them, students can buy fake flowers to add to their room.