SGA senate reinstates president

Students wearing “vote for Hugo” shirts sat in every available seat, lined the walls and sat in the Student Government Association chambers floor Oct. 5 to hear the ruling of SGA President Hugo Dante’s appeal.

SGA Senators voted 16-2 by way of private ballot to allow SGA President Hugo Dante to retake the Code of Laws test.

Dante had to appeal to the senate after failing the SGA code of laws test by one question.

Dante read a prepared eight minute speech taking moments to pause because of tears.

Dante said he put a lot into serving the student body and is not going to stop because he failed a test.

“Serving the student body as the SGA President is something that I am extraordinarily passionate about,” Dante said. “The momentum that we have built and the accomplishments that we have achieved are something that I have not seen before in my time at UNA.”

Senate went into executive session to discuss Dante’s character. After a short session, the senators voted to allow Dante the opportunity to re-take the test after the meeting ended.

Dante scored a 100 percent on the re-take and immediately resumed his job as president.