New program promotes healthy lifestyle on campus

By New Editor Ciera Golliver

A new program on campus aims to promote a healthy lifestyle in the UNA community.

Worksite Wellness is a program Associate Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Lee Renfroe and her graduate student Jackie Allen developed.

The program is a partnership with HPER and Human Resources. Academic Affairs funds the program.

Allen said living a healthy life will increase campus productivity.

ìIt just really pays off to be as healthy as you can be,î Allen said. 

Allen said she aimed the program mostly to faculty and staff, but some of their work applies to students too, such as the no-smoking policy. 

She said her job in spring 2017 was to work on developing campus smoking-cessation programs.

Allen said she is working to finalize programs and information brochures on the policy and benefits of quitting smoking.

Allen said groups are already in place to promote a healthy lifestyle. She said she hopes the program will serve as an organized effort to promote resources and address additional topics on campus.

Allen said she hopes to partner with existing groups on campus, such as the Student Recreation Center, University Health Services and Faculty Health Services.

“There is always going to be that partnership,” Allen said. “We certainly can’t do it alone.”

Allen said the department is working on developing a website with information on university resources regarding a healthy lifestyle.

It will also include information on nutrition, stress, exercise and information on campus programs.

She said the program partnered with the department of communications. She hopes the website will be live in spring ’18.

Allen said initial feedback on the program seems positive.

Sophomore Emily Asherbranner said the program would help educate others on health topics.

“I think it could be a very useful tool for students who are really trying to improve their lifestyle,” Asherbranner said. “There is so much information about healthy living out there, but it can be very hard to know where to start.”

Worksite Wellness is partnering with YMCA of the Shoals for a Walk for Wellness event Nov. 9.

Anyone is able to attend this event. Its purpose is to promote physical activities and identify problem walking areas on campus.

Allen said she is willing to hear feedback or ideas the UNA community would like to see the program do. For feedback, email [email protected].