Tips to save money on textbooks

Students in the university bookstore hope to not spend all of their money on textbooks two weeks into the semester. Here are eight tips for saving money when it comes to textbooks.

1. Students can save up to 80 percent more on textbooks by renting through the UNA bookstore, according to The rental agreement allows students to rent any book, new or used, from the bookstore for less than half of the original price. The rental agreement allows for note taking and highlighting in the book. The bookstore will take the book back on the due date as long as there is no water or cover damage.

2. Another feature the UNA bookstore offers to save students money is price matching. The bookstore will price match competitors such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Students must show the bookstore an ad within seven days of the purchase date of the lower priced option. This excludes peer-to-peer market places, such as Amazon Warehouse Deals or Deals of the Day. The lower priced option must come from a site within the US.

3. Students can find the cheapest option for their book by typing the ISBN number on google. This will pull up a variety of options for purchasing or renting the book. Students can then go through the individual website to find the book which suits their needs.

4. Ask professors about book editions. Some classes require the latest edition of a textbook, but in some classes an older edition will suffice. An old addition of a textbook will typically save students money, but students will have to find the book because the university bookstore does not carry outdated editions.

5. Check with any Resident Student Organizations about common textbooks. Some RSOs will have a collection of textbooks for common general education classes for members to borrow.

6. Students can sell old books back to the bookstore to make some of their cash back. The bookstore will give the student the price the book is currently going for in store. This excludes outdated editions or books with an access code.

7. Another option for saving money is renting a book from someone who previously bought the book. Books with access codes inside cannot be resold to the bookstore, so a student is able to lend or rent the book out to make money off of owning the book.

8. Students should take advantage of the options social media has for finding commonly used textbooks. Typing in the ISBN on Facebook Marketplace will pull up all available options through private sellers. Google can also show private sellers for renting textbooks.