Living the night life

Work hard to make it out here. And what better way that at 2 a.m. fulled by two shots of espresso.

Everyone has that all-nighter story. It starts with a project or exam. This schoolwork is so extraneous it takes until the last minute to complete, but if we are honest, these stories are usually the result of procrastination. But this is a judgment-free zone.

With school taking up most of the morning and a job taking up most of the day, the best time (or only time) to work on projects can be late at night. The music department is a great example of this. Nine times out of 10, one can find at least two or three dedicated musicians rehearsing late at night in the rehearsal rooms, sometimes into the next morning.

Being an art student, I am no stranger to pulling long hours to finish an assignment. Just last week, my classmates and I spent the entire night finishing our projects that were due the next morning. Luckily, I was able to leave around 4 a.m. while others left later.

Then, we all know the stress of having to study for an exam. Yes, the exam that requires studying all night in order to pass the class. These study sessions usually end with a coffee-fueled, sleep-deprived night where hard work that requires studying until 5 a.m. with an 8 a.m. class looming around the corner. Then that student is faced with the decision of trying to catch some sleep, or gritting their teeth and trying to stay awake long enough to take the test and get out of there.

Listen, I know it is important to get projects finished on time and study for that exam, but remember we need to take care of ourselves when it comes to all-nighters. Remember to take breaks, drink plenty of water and after you are finished, sleep hard my friends.