Update on fraternity house fire

Florence Fire Department Lieutenant Ryan Orrick said that the cause of the fire at the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity still has not been determined. 

Florence Fire Department and first responders worked for hours to suppress the flames and smoke. 

“We’re still trying to get the fire put out, so our investigation will probably begin tomorrow, once the fire’s put out and the water has drained, so we can get in there safely,” Orrick said. 

It was confirmed that the fire began a short time before 4:00 p.m., when the emergency call was made to the fire department.  

Flames engulfed the entire back half of the house and spread to the back porch before firefighters managed to contain the flames.  

The house still stands, but extensive damage was inflicted to the inside of the building. 

Junior Spencer Stinnett saw the fire after class and said the Florence Fire Department did a great job retaining the damage. 

“I think the fire department did a great job handling this situation,” Stinnett said. “They’ve done as good of a job as anyone could, considering it’s such an old house.” 

Orrick said the scene is secured and advised students to stay away from the building and to stay off Oakview Circle for their own safety.  

“Hopefully, once we get inside, we can figure out what caused this,” Orrick said.  

Freshman Olivia Perry said she watched as the flames spread through the roof of the building. 

You always hear warnings that you shouldn’t do certain things because you’ll catch your house on fire, but you never actually think it could happen,” Perry said.  

More details will be released upon investigation of the incident.