Students venture to North for conference

Campus organizations provide a community for many students and offer unique experiences in new places. In March, UNA students ventured outside the South to represent the university.

Each year, The Flor-Ala and Diorama offer students the chance to travel to New York City for the College Media Association Conference. While there, students compete against other student media organizations across the country for awards and also network with media professionals.

Students were able to talk to professional journalists, photographers and other media professionals one-on-one and get advice on their future professions.

Those who participated in this year’s trip will not soon forget it. During the trip, a nor’easter struck. A nor’easter is a storm that often brings hurricane-force winds and large quantities of snow.

For many of the UNA students there, the blizzard brought countless problems that Alabamians do not typically experience. UNA students were unprepared for the canceled flights and the snow that trapped them inside hotels.

On the other hand, the students were conveniently bunked at a hotel in Times Square. They were able to walk to Central Park where they built snowmen in the foot of snow that covered the ground. They also visited attractions like the Museum of Modern Art, the M&M store and countless other places within walking distance.

Getting involved on campus not only provides an opportunity for students to make friends, but it can also lead to career opportunities and the most unforgettable experiences.