Spring season presents outdoor opportunities

Though it seemed winter would stay forever, spring has come to surprise for some of us here in Florence. Less than a month ago, students witnessed a winter wonderland on campus as snow covered the ground — in the middle of March.

But now, students are happier than ever to greet these clear and joyous days. What better way to enjoy this weather than to get outside and bask in the warmth? One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to find a nice place on campus to unwind.

If a student is more of the quiet type, he or she may find grabbing a blanket and heading over to Wesleyan Hall is a great place to study, especially when crunch time approaches and students have no choice but to study after a long day of classes. Sitting under the shady trees can be a relaxing way to learn.

If someone is more of the social butterfly, then going to the fountain at Harrison Plaza is an amazing place to hang out and meet new people. The fountain is usually buzzing with not only students, but also people from the community walking their dogs. For dog lovers, the opportunity to pet dogs is a welcomed treat.

For people that can’t sit still, head over to the outdoor adventure center. The OAC is always trying to get students to be active and enjoy the great outdoors. For example, during spring break, the OAC took a group of students to venture out of their comfort zones and conquer the Pinhoti National Recreation Trail.

The OAC also has future events relating to exploring nature, so head over to www.una.orgsync.com/org/oac/home/ to find out what is in store.

UNA has a number of resources for its students, so utilize them and soak in the new spring weather.