Best playlists for any workout

Two things that go together  well are music and working out.

Whether it be cardio or weightlifting, a playlist can make anyone’s workout more enjoyable.

There are many types of music to get people psyched for a workout, but these are my picks for the best workout songs.

First off, my top five picks for cardio.

1.    Starboy by The Weeknd

My personal favorite, “Starboy” by The Weeknd, is a good song to play when starting a cardio workout.

2.    Incredible by Future

“Incredible” by Future combines up-beat music with a twist that only Future can provide.

3.    Run Up by Major Lazer

“Run Up” by Major Lazer has solid features from PARTYNEXTDOOR and Nicki Minaj to continue the flow of the playlist.

4.    Everlong by Foo Fighters

Once I get close to the end of my  workout, a song like “Everlong” by Foo Fighters can be a good change-up to the other songs I  included on my list. It changes the tempo of the music, and it also changes genres of music.

5.    Hold On, We’re Going Home by Drake

Another personal favorite to finish the  workout is “Hold on, We’re Going Home” by Drake. It is a great choice to remind me that the workout is almost over.

This five-song collection has different, but more up-beat songs to keep me motivated while I run. Unlike weightlifting, cardio workouts need different beats to keep me running.

My top five picks for strength training.

1.    Energy by Drake

My top pick for a weightlifting workout is “Energy” by Drake. It has a good beat, and this song should be able to get anyone psyched for a workout.

2.    No Problem by Chance the Rapper

Another song to help jump-start a workout is “No Problem” by Chance the Rapper. The up-and-coming rapper mixes solid beats and rhymes to help the song move along well.

3.    Thunderstruck by AC/DC

For the middle of a workout, I like to change things up, so I switch to AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.” This song can become stale after a while, but this song has been in my weightlifting playlist for a long time.

4.    Jungle Remix by X Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons

“Jungle Remix” is a good transition from “Thunderstruck” to my last song on the playlist.

5.    Work Out by J. Cole

A less serious song, but still  great to finish a workout to is “Work Out” by J. Cole. This song is a completely different  feel than the other music chosen on this playlist. The different rhythm helps cool me down during a workout.

There is plenty of music to choose from for one’s personal workout playlist, but these are the songs that I turn to during my workout.