Trustees discuss new program, celebrate Kilby School

The UNA board of trustees held its quarterly meeting March 14 to discuss a new Bachelor’s and Master’s program, finances and celebrate Kilby Laboratory School for its role on campus at the Guillot University Center Performance Center.

The board announced the addition of Accelerated Bachelor’s and Master’s program. The program allows UNA students to achieve a bachelor’s and master’s degree at the same time, said Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, Joylaxmi Borah.

Officials expect the program to start in the fall 2017 semester. After the summer 2018 semester, UNA will check the progress and overall progression of the program to evaluate its effectiveness.

The program will allow students to finish their bachelor’s and master’s degree in less time and will cost $423 less than the traditional route, while allowing students to stay at UNA. The new program’s purpose is to strengthen UNA in enrollment, as it allows students to take graduate classes at UNA instead of transferring, Borah said.

The Accelerated Bachelor’s and Master’s program requires mandatory advising, but the program will enhance the students’ experience and will also save students time and money. Students will no longer have to transfer to attend a graduate program, and they will be able complete master’s work at UNA, Borah said.

President Kenneth Kitts said the university set a spring enrollment record this semester.

UNA’s spring enrollment numbers increased nearly five percent, Kitts said.

Kitts said fall enrollment for next year, based on predictions, has a similarly positive outlook with freshman enrollment continuing to climb.

Chris James, director of Kilby Laboratory School, gave a short presentation to celebrate Kilby Laboratory School.

This presentation showed faculty and students talking about the opportunities the elementary school provides to education majors. It also showed the children of the school doing different activities with UNA students.

Kitts said Kilby Laboratory School is a great resource for UNA.

“Kilby is one of the things that makes (UNA) unique,” he said. “We have the last clinical lab school in the state, so it sets us apart. It’s wonderful for our students in the teacher education program to have that available right on campus to gain that experience and practice.”

The next scheduled UNA board of trustees meeting takes place June 7 in the GUC Performance Center.