Students prepare for holidays and finals

As the Thanksgiving holiday is now in the past and students prepare for final exams, the sound of Christmas music lingers over the airwaves, indicating it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Lights and decorations cover the houses and streets. Love and romance fills the air as mistletoe is hung everywhere. Many know the sappy Hallmark Christmas movies also play a part in the romantic feelings. Children around the world wait impatiently for the big man in the red suit to visit.

People put traditions of all kinds into practice. Hot Chocolate flies off the shelves, and sometimes, elves do, too.

The holidays are a time to enjoy not only festivities, but time spent with others. Although gifts are a great way for someone to show people they care, nothing could ever exceed spending time with them.

People should help Mom put up the Christmas tree and laugh at the ornaments they made as children that the parents still hang up. Help dad hang up the Christmas lights on the house because he’s terrified he is going to fall off the roof. Bake cookies with Grandma and lick the spoon. Listen to old stories of Christmases long ago from Grandpa and Uncle Joe. Listen to Great Aunt Linda read “The Night Before Christmas.”

To help students get in the Christmas spirit, I wrote a poem similar to “The Night Before Christmas” with a UNA twist:

‘Twas the night before finals,

And all through Flo-Town,

Every student was studying

In spite of the Wi-Fi being down.

Students dreamed of a break,

While coffee was consumed,

But even after their hard work,

They knew they were doomed.

They’ll wake up in the morning,

And send a prayer to the sky,

This exam is gonna end them,

They’ll kiss their GPA goodbye.

But alas, do not worry,

For parking should be fine,

At least you’ll have that positivity,

So keep studying, it’s almost time.