“Brilliant” Art professor dies

John Waters, visiting associate professor in the Art Department, died Nov. 4, according to his obituary.

“In October 2016, John returned to Richmond, (Virginia) and family, where he was surrounded by love when he passed, following a spirited fight against cancer,” according to the obituary.

Director of University Communications Bryan Rachal said he believes throat cancer caused Waters’ death.

Waters was more than a professor, said alumna Carly Hannah on Facebook.

“He was a most brilliant professor and friend and by far my favorite of the ones I had during my time at UNA,” Hannah said. “But aside from being a great professor, he was also a beautiful friend to many of his students and taught us many life lessons that we’ll never forget and left us each with a new vision of the world around us.

“(Waters) always pushed me to do my best, even when I didn’t think I could do any better. (He) were always critical of my work but in the best way that inspired me to work harder to please (him) even more.”

Waters accomplished much throughout his life. As the President and Creative Director of Waters Design Associates Inc., he assisted clients like American Express, The Wall Street Journal and the United Nations with brand strategy and communications, according to the obituary.