Film club allows students to pursue passion

Looking to get involved on campus and have a passion for watching or creating movies? Then UNA’s film club is for you!

Creating a film requires a lot of work. From being the camera person, to making the set look like it should, working in film forces collaboration between numerous people.

With UNA’s film club, students can connect with others who share the same passion and can help each other grow as filmmakers. Everyone has a skill focus that when brought together, can create wonderful films.

“My favorite thing about Film Club is the community,” said Junior Kaylee Thomas. “The friends who share the same love and devotion to the craft of film are like a family.”

Two key events the Film club does are “Movie Mondays” and workshops.

On Movie Mondays, which are every other week, the students get together and watch a film picked by one of the students while eating and having a good time. Once the movie is over, the club discusses parts of the film that could spark ideas, help the students learn and what makes the movie good or bad.

Every month, Film club holds workshops to teach people how to use some of the equipment with hands-on training.

Students learn the basics of how to use sound, camera and lighting equipment in film class. The workshops give more detail to the equipment, which helps the students on set.

Some people have more skill using certain pieces of equipment, and the idea is for students to learn from each other so they can do any tasks needed on set.

The club holds meetings every Thursday to discuss matters and sometimes showcase scripts and films created by members. The students also create films frequently, some for class projects and others for competitions. Some even do it just for fun.

Getting involved in film club is easy and fund to do. Not to mention, the students in the club make for friends who last a lifetime. For more information, email Jason Pangilinan at [email protected].