UNA Police detain man for domestic violence

The UNA Police Department detained 22-year-old Reginald Swopes for domestic violence and harassment on Irvine Street in front of Harrison Plaza Monday afternoon.

Swopes, who is not a UNA student, sent a threatening text message to a female student at UNA who he was in a domestic relationship with, said UNA Chief of Police Kevin Gillilan.

Swopes was taken to Lauderdale County jail, where he will be held for a minimum of 24 hours before he is allowed out on bail.

“The person that the threats were directed against was moved to a safer place prior to (Swopes’) arrest,” Gillilan said. “Arrangements were then made to transport that person off campus.”

Gillilan said Swopes was driving a white Camaro with white rims on his way from Muscle Shoals.

“We put out a (trespass) on the individual so area law enforcement would be looking for him,” Gillilan said. “Shortly after that we received word that he was in the vicinity.”

Gillilan said one of his officers was behind a car matching the description of the suspect’s vehicle.

“(The officer) radioed for backup,” Gillilan said. “We didn’t know at the time if the suspect was armed or not.”

Gillilan said initially UNA Police was the only department involved, but midway through, Florence Police officers came to assist.

“Everything worked well,” said Gillilan. “We were able to apprehend him before he was able to make it to any of the residence facilities.”